ERP and CRM for Pharmaceutical Companies

​​​​​​​​For strong business growth, life sciences and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies rely on high sales margins, technology advances and rapid product introductions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for pharmaceutical industries helps you manage the challenges that come with such growth...

…including shelf life constraints, cost pressures, competition from generic and over-the-counter drugs, and strict regulatory requirements around manufacturing and product approvals.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Fact Sheet

Optimize Manufacturing Resources to Expedite Profitable, New Product Introductions

  • Bring products to market quickly, yet control costs by monitoring operations at a detailed level
  • Keep a close watch on yields and labor, tracking raw material usage, and planning production shifts to maximize capacity
  • See everything across your organization, from finance to manufacturing
  • Eliminate waste due to costly shelf-life expirations and returns
  • Optimize production operations and experience increased efficiencies

Support Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Regulatory Compliance

  • Support requirements by regulatory agencies and government departments when implementing pharmaceutical ERP software
  • Support GMP requirements including electronic quarantines, quarantine release by user and material type, printed material control/obsolete components, lot control/segregation, lot tracking, and drug and hazardous reconciliation
  • Document standard processes
  • Track and log operations and results to support detailed reporting requirements.
  • Control and detect exceptions early with traceability, lot tracking and traceability, production statistics reporting, specification management and change management
  • Track items from cradle to grave to support effective recall procedures with complete forward and backward traceability of any material

Improve Supply Chain and Production Planning

  • Reuse and recycle active ingredients that are often very expensive in small quantities
  • Minimize over-runs and short-runs
  • Use shelf-life tracking to take expiration dates into consideration during production and into the distribution process
  • Centrally manage co-products and by-products in your formulas and always know the correct inventory status for any given item

"Boa Franc has been working with Fullscope for 7 years. We really appreciate the knowledge of their team – from the sales person to the support team. Working with Fullscope we have been able to improve the utilization of our Dynamics 365 tools at our own pace. We have fast access into the Dynamics expertise and are able to deliver to our customers the product they want, when they want it, without ever compromising on the quality."

Ghislain Quirion


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