Employee Collaboration & Access to Information

In today’s global organizations, collaborating with fellow employees who may not be in the same physical location is a normal part of day-to-day life. Has your office transformed the way you do business to meet today’s changing needs? From running meetings to sharing notes and working on the same document, your teams need tools that facilitate productive and effective collaboration across organizational boundaries.

Virtual Team Management

Virtual Team Management

Get the most out of your remote teams. Teams, Skype and other Office 365 technologies give your team the ability to collaborate seamlessly, no matter where they are located with on-premise, cloud or hybrid solutions. Share data and information; organize projects; and build portals, sites and apps that make sharing even easier. Learn More

Document Management
Knowledge Sharing
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What Our Clients Say:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has allowed Aventics to drive technology to a new level and helped us to improve levels of collaboration and sharing across the business.

Larry Bowers, Director of IT Americas/Global CRM Project Leader

Technology should support your vision, not lead it. We start by understanding your complex business challenges and then develop the right solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to meet your short- and long-term goals. Our industry-specific templates drive faster time to value on your investment. But we don’t get to implementation and just walk away. We lay track to help you get to your next destination, ensuring real results long after implementation.

Resources for You


What it's Really like to Use Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams was introduced in November of 2016 as a new “chat based workspace in Office 365” with a vision (in the form of a video) showing people from different backgrounds and cultures all gloriously working remotely and collaborating seamlessly. This blog covers a day in the life of a PM who leverages Teams for the first time.


Benefits of SharePoint, Office 365 and Document Management

The strength of SharePoint and other O365 technologies is that they give the ability to collaborate seamlessly on-prem, in the Cloud, or as a hybrid of both. These solutions will help you: share data and information; organize projects and remote teams in a consistent workplace; discover important information and unique expertise among your staff and assets. Watch this webinar and see how SharePoint and Office 365 can also integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics to extend the ability to manage files, improve collaboration, and enhance communication for sales or operations teams. 


Spartan Chemical

Spartan Chemical Company is an international leader for the manufacturing of superior and cost-effective maintenance cleaning products. They needed to a solution for managing tasks performed on the go and in places without internet connection. Spartan turned to Fullscope to design an application that provide supervisors and managers the ability to conduct inspections on mobile devices, with the ability to capture images and leverage scanning capabilities to launch inspections.