Boa-Franc is the North American leader in the manufacturing of superior quality pre-finished hardwood floors. For its ERP, CRM, and BI Accelerator systems, the company turned to Fullscope to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Kent Corporation

Kent Corporation is comprised of operating subsidiaries involved in corn wet milling, the production of animal feed and nutrition, pet care products, and the manufacture of food and beverage products. With a partnership starting in 2012, Kent and Alithya have been down a long road together and continue to work towards future success. As a Microsoft AX and BI customer, Kent has been able to consolidate synergistic activities, reduce redundancy, and interface with larger and more sophisticated customers.

The Wills Group

The Wills Group provides customers retail, convenience, and home comfort solutions. Fullscope, an Alithya company, leveraged their deep expertise and when partnered with The Wills Group's strong internal team, it led to a winning approach. The Wills Group has been able to leverage Microsoft products such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Power BI to help drive digital transformation.