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The right training helps your organization succeed. Our D365 University Platform is an online learning management system (LMS) built with a curriculum that provides ongoing coaching to your team. We include technical and role-based user training delivered live and on-demand 24/7 on any device.

Experience D365 University’s Unique Training Approach

D365 University is designed to help you and your team get the most out of Dynamics 365. Our curriculum is built around proven best practices. We also develop customized content to meet your specific training requirements.


Training Drives CRM Adoption

Without an effective sales, marketing and service organization, your enterprise will flounder. Make sure your teams are taking advantage of what your CRM system has to offer to identify opportunities, nurture leads and strengthen customer relationships. Learn More


Make the Most of Your ERP Solution

Your ERP system is the backbone of your enterprise – and it can also be a key business advantage. Leverage the power of your system across your organization by securing the correct type of training for all of your users. Learn More


Power Your Ascent with the Right Intelligence

To gain valuable insight from business intelligence tools, your team needs to understand how to use them. The appropriate training will introduce you to the system’s functionality and help you start leveraging the power of your organizational data. Learn More

Set Yourself up for Success with Microsoft Dynamics 365

High Performing Organization

The companies that are the most successful with their Dynamics 365 implementations view the initiative as someplace the company is going, not just software to install and maintain. We like to call these companies High Performing Organizations (HPO). We’ve taken this concept a step further by creating the HPO model to help you organize resources and schedules to support Dynamics initiatives. Learn More

Alithya Connect

Get ongoing advice and monitoring on how your organization is working towards target Business Outcomes. Fullscope Connect offers a proactive post-implementation service of knowledge, training and support. Learn More

Dynamics Upgrades

Fullscope, an Alithya company, can help you employ the newest technology to operate efficiently, saving you time and money. From system upgrades and data preparation to environment refreshes and cloud transition strategies, our team has the expertise you need. Learn More

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How-to Avoid Microsoft Dynamics 365 Failure: Have a Training Plan

In order to have a successful Dynamics initiative and achieve adoption, you must have a solid training plan. This guide will walk you through 5 common training mistakes to avoid as well as the 3 crucial types of training to ensure your success.

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What Our Clients Say:

Fullscope’s video training concept was right on target, focusing on small training sessions that could be reused to help bring our user base into Dynamics in an intelligent and practical way.

Larry Bowers, Director of IT Americas/Global CRM Project Leader


Transform Your Business with a Leading Microsoft Partner

An award-winning Microsoft partner, Fullscope knows the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to transform your organization through innovative ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and Digital on-premise and cloud-based solutions.