Enhance Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution for Productivity

Our Productivity Solutions have been developed to give you additional functionality while saving time and creating added efficiency. These solutions are built around our extensive experience with Dynamics and the 1000+ implementations we’ve partner with customers on.

Edgewater Fullscope offers a range of product enhancing solutions and add-ons that help you to get the most from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM) system.

Custom Fiscal Period

Define fiscal periods on any schedule.

Custom Fiscal Period Add-on for Dynamics 365 was developed by Fullscope for organizations whose fiscal year differs from a traditional calendar. Your solutions should have your business processes and structure at their core.

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Record Cloning

Clone records with a single click.

Fullscope’s Record Cloning Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows a clone function to be added to any record in the system. The process can occur in the background, or the new record can be opened in an unsaved state, allowing the user to modify the new record before committing it. Multiple entities and a mix of methods are supported in a single organization.

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Storage Manager

Organized and efficient file storage.

The Fullscope Storage Manager Solution is a standalone Windows Application that runs on a Windows based system. The application connects to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and searches for all file attachments associated with email records and note records. The attachment files are transferred to Microsoft SharePoint and a direct link to the file is left behind in its place.

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Organize output simply and directly from the Dynamics 365 interface.

Fullscope’s Print2Word Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a semi-custom solution tailored to your exact need. This allows the output to be completely flexible. If you have been frustrated by the limitations or speed of the native Word-merge based document output in Dynamics 365 or previous versions of CRM, then Print2Word is the solution.

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Enhance and streamline your out-of-the-box experience.

Fullscope’s QuickStart Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 adds many key features developed from our experience in deploying Microsoft CRM solutions. These features include additional dashboards, charts, workflows and views that accelerate your return on investment. Why start from scratch when you can implement Dynamics 365 with CRM best practice features?

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Automatically assign numbers to any record type in Dynamics 365 for Sales.

The Fullscope AutoNumber Solution for Dynamics 365 allows you to establish the number that you want to start with, prefix it with letters or an acronym and start to number each record created in the system moving forward.

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User Adoption

Track and manage adoption with the help of a dashboard.

Fullscope’s User Adoption Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a quick view into your CRM adoption.  You have been living and breathing your Dynamics solution, and are asking your team to do the same in order to drive real business change. How can you check on their progress? The User Adoption Solution offers a best practice dashboard that highlights activities by owner, accounts by owner, contacts by owner and opportunities by sales rep for starters. Want to know more?

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