Drive Productivity and Visibility Across Sales, Marketing and Service with CRM

Exceed customer expectations by enabling employees to gain and share crucial customer information across your business.

How Will You Hit Customer Growth Goals?

You know what you’re trying to achieve – increased revenue, improved customer satisfaction or reduced costs. To achieve new and better results, you have to make changes. But where do you start? Fullscope helps customers start business transformation by focusing on your business outcomes from the start. Technology comes later. We help you identify business goals, discover which key business areas and processes need improvement and then build a plan to help you reach your goals.

Productive Sales

Give your sales team the tools to become more productive and focused on building customer relationships that deliver. This requires your sales team to become less reactive and to maintain and enhance new and existing customer relationships at every opportunity. You want to be sure that they will be part of the conversation at the critical moment. At Fullscope, we get it. Having technology that automates and supports your sales processes gives you the sales productivity you need. We’re here to help you drive real business change – outcomes that matter.

Engaged Marketing

Are you looking to take control of marketing operations, planning, execution, and analytics across all channels—digital, social, and traditional? Sales and marketing collaboration is key. Imagine if sales and marketing (along with services and operations) were all on the same page, and using tools that support an optimal internal team relationship? One with a single intuitive interface that will be easily adopted by the teams. At Fullscope, we help marketers demonstrate campaign performance with powerful reporting and business intelligence that ties into and aligns with sales.

Next Level Customer Service

Are you looking to provide structured multi-channel service and support, improving customer service and performance as a whole? Did you know that the right technology enables your organization to deliver consistent cloud-based service and support anytime, anywhere? Through a powerful combination of knowledge management, self-service and multi-channel engagement, Fullscope can help you take your service to the next level.

Stronger Field Service Performance

We can help you transform the way you service your customers from initial interaction to resolution from contact center to field service operations. With a business-ready technology solution, powered by Microsoft Dynamics, we can help you integrate service operations all into one system. This means every player in your organization has the same access to accurate, real-time data on every customer, and the level of service remains high at each touch point. Let Fullscope help your Field Service operation become the proactive, revenue driving aspect of your business you have always wanted.

Connected Recruiting AND Talent Onboarding

Stay ahead of your competition when recruiting new hires by automating key HR processes from job posting to onboarding. Customize your hiring process with Microsoft’s integrated Talent solution that includes the power of LinkedIn. Easily post jobs outside your organization, while sharing information like candidate profiles, assessment tools, interviewer assignments, and interview scheduling with your hiring team. Candidates will stay informed and appreciate the transparency every step of the way.

Role and Industry Advantages

Help your team ramp up with proven Fullscope industry, role, productivity and integration solutions. We help manufacturers, professional service firms and equipment dealers improve their customer experience by using technology to empower their teams across sales, service and marketing. As an award-winning Microsoft Dynamics partner, with over 10 global and national Microsoft awards, we offer add-on solutions that are customized for your specific processes.

Role and Industry Solutions for CRM

Empower Your Team with Complete CRM Services

Adopting a new CRM system doesn’t happen overnight. From the initial project performed by our implementation team using our CORE methodology; to ongoing support, training and upgrades, no one surpasses Edgewater Fullscope when it comes to delivering valuable CRM consulting services to leverage your Microsoft investment.

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