CRM Solutions for Visibility, Productivity & Growth

Get customer visibility and improve productivity and collaboration across your enterprise. Fullscope, an Alithya company, leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 and our add-on solutions to help sales, marketing and service teams gain and share crucial customer information. Your team will have the tools it needs to meet and exceed sales and customer satisfaction goals.

CRM Services to Achieve Your Target Business Outcomes

You need to build customer relationships that deliver. We help you identify goals, create plans and deploy solutions for productive sales, engaged marketing and informed support. Fullscope delivers valuable CRM consulting services to leverage your Microsoft investment.

Boost Sales

Give your sales team the tools to become more productive and focused on building customer relationships that deliver. This requires your sales team to become less reactive and to maintain and enhance new and existing customer relationships at every opportunity. Having technology that automates and supports your sales processes gives you the sales productivity you need. We’re here to help you drive real business change – outcomes that matter. Learn More

Engage with Marketing

Are you looking to take control of marketing operations, planning, execution, and analytics across all channels—digital, social, and traditional? Sales and marketing collaboration is key. Imagine if sales and marketing (along with services and operations) were all on the same page, and using tools that support an optimal internal team relationship? One with a single intuitive interface that will be easily adopted by the teams. We help marketers demonstrate campaign performance with powerful reporting and business intelligence that ties into and aligns with sales. Connect with us to learn more

Next Level Your Customer Service

Are you looking to provide structured multi-channel service and support, improving customer service and performance as a whole? Did you know that the right technology enables your organization to deliver consistent cloud-based service and support anytime, anywhere? Through a powerful combination of knowledge management, self-service and multi-channel engagement, we can help you take your service to the next level. Connect with us to learn more

Strengthen Field Service Performance

We can help you transform the way you service your customers from initial interaction to resolution from contact center to field service operations. We can help you integrate your service operations all into one system. This means every player in your organization has the same access to accurate, real-time data on every customer, and the level of service remains high at each touch point. Let us help your Field Service operation become the proactive, revenue driving aspect of your business you have always wanted. Learn more

Team Collaboration and Productivity

Collaborating with teammates who are not in the same physical location is a normal part of day-to-day life. Has your office transformed the way you do business to meet today’s changing needs? From running meetings to sharing notes and working on the same document, your teams need tools, integrated with your CRM, that facilitate productive and effective collaboration across organizational boundaries. Learn More

Connect Recruiting and Talent Onboarding

Stay ahead of your competition when recruiting new team members by automating key HR processes from job posting to onboarding. Customize your hiring process with Microsoft’s integrated Talent solution that includes the power of LinkedIn. Easily post jobs outside your organization, while sharing information like candidate profiles, assessment tools, interviewer assignments, and interview scheduling with your hiring team. Your candidates will stay informed and appreciate the transparency every step of the way. Connect with us to learn more

Set Yourself up for Success with CRM

High Performing Organization

The companies that are the most successful with their Dynamics 365 (CRM) implementations think of the software as a strategy or business outcome execution engine. We refer to these companies as High Performing Organizations (HPO). We’ve taken this concept a step further by creating the HPO model to help you organize resources and schedules to support your Dynamics CRM initiatives. Learn More

CORE (Customer Owned Rapid Engagement)

With Customer Owned Rapid Engagement (CORE), you empower sales, marketing and service personnel by putting your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution at the center of your organization. The CORE agile methodology guarantees that your organization will be trained in the solution the day you go live. The result: Your organization is empowered and ready to move. Learn More

Alithya Connect

Get ongoing advice and monitoring on how your organization is working towards target Business Outcomes. Alithya Connect offers a proactive post-implementation service of knowledge, training and support. Learn More

D365 University Training

Ensure your team gets up to speed quickly with CRM. We provide tailor-made, role-based training for your sales, marketing and service teams. D365 University provides 24/7 access to training options and resources. Learn More

Want to know the secret to a great CRM initiative? Here is a short video sharing top tips to help your CRM investment deliver on the business outcomes your organization needs. This insight is based on the learnings from 1,500+ CRM implementations.

3 Keys to a Successful CRM Initiative Alithya


3 Keys to Successful CRM Adoption

The hard truth is that like many complex IT initiatives, CRM projects often fail. You may have even experienced a failed CRM implementation or two. Download this guide for the 3 Keys to Successful CRM Implementation and learn:

  • What to do if you are in the middle of a painful or failed CRM implementation
  • 5 common training mistakes that derail your CRM success
  • What to look for when choosing a CRM partner

What Our Clients Say:

Fullscope, an Alithya company, has helped us migrate from Salesforce to Dynamics 365. They migrated all of our data for us, as well as helped us build out our system. Any hiccups or problems we had along the way, they were right there to eliminate those roadblocks and get us to where we needed to be. Dynamics allows us to have all of our data in one central location and giving us that foundation to better engage our customers.

Kathy Martin, CRM Administrator
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An award-winning Microsoft partner, Fullscope knows the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to transform your organization through innovative ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and Digital on-premise and cloud-based solutions.