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Welcome to D365 University, providing unique on-line technical and role-based training. Get unlimited access to content for all your employees with engagement analysis to track progress and provide additional coaching as necessary.


Effective Training


How often have you performed training on new solutions at the onset of launching them, only to see your users retain a small percentage of the content provided?! The D365 University Corporate Training Program is uniquely positioned to stage the right training at the right time. Combined with tools to gauge compliance and retention, managers will be able to coach where it is most needed.



Training Options



Training Tracks

D365 Administrator Training

The Administrator Training is a highly structured, four-stage course for administrators and super-users. It is developed to empower our customers with the internal resources necessary to keep their solutions running at optimal performance. This is the same training we put our consultants through at Fullscope.

D365 Sales Training

Like our Admin training, the Sales Curriculum is segmented by role and delivered across a three (3) part series. The courses are designed to be consumed over time during the first 6 to 9 months from go-live. In addition, this track includes special training for Sales Managers and Leaders with a focus on metrics management and coaching your team up.

D365 Marketing Training

This course is perfect for those who are new to marketing within Microsoft Dynamics. At the end of this course you will be able to create Marketing Lists, associate targeted lists of prospects and track your campaign results! We recommended completing Sales Level 1 as a prerequisite.

D365 Customer Service Training

This is a course for beginners on the basics of customer service. It teaches attendees to use Contacts, Accounts, Activities, Cases and Queues within Dynamics 365.

Equipment Dealer for D365 Training

This training offers the basics of selling with Dynamics 365 for Sales using the Equipment Dealer Solution. Concepts and processes during key white board sessions will be covered and will ease you into the training lessons for this course.


Course Catalog


More Tracks Coming Soon!

As an early adopter of the D365 University Programs, our customers will have access to every new track of training we publish. We’re constantly adding new videos, courses and content to D365 University, so check back often. Join now and get access to all the content as it is released.



Getting Started

At the onset of your Program, Fullscope will assign your organization with a Training Consultant. This individual will facilitate a session with your team to discuss your specific training needs, help organize your initial set of curriculum and assist in getting your Training Administrator prepared.


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