Drive CRM Adoption with an Effective Training Plan

Your CRM is only useful if your team knows how to leverage its power. Our D365 University training program for CRM provides online technical and role-based training. Get unlimited access to content for all your employees. The Corporate Training Program (CTP) and Rapid Training Program (RTP) are annual programs that offer a reliable process for getting training done quickly and effectively.

D365 University’s Training Options

We have training program options to meet your specific needs. We offer the CTP, and a lighter RTP mentioned above, the ability to download our courses if you already have an existing LMS, and an option to purchase the courses individually online.

Black Belt Series for Dynamics 365 (CRM)

Administrators keep your software running at optimal performance. The Black Belt Series is a structured, seven-stage course for administrators and super-users. Our own consultants go through this foundational training when joining our team. It’s available in a variety of levels to suit the needs of your team – and to help them continue advancing their skills. Course Catalog

D365 Sales Training

Our Sales Training Program is designed with input from experienced sales leaders. With training options ranging from highly structured Administrator Training, through three levels of sales-specific courses and a class designed for sales managers, we’ll help you more effectively leverage your CRM platform across your sales user groups. Course Catalog

D365 Marketing Training

Marketing is a key part of sales enablement. This 30-minute course is perfect for those who are new to marketing within Microsoft Dynamics 365. This course covers how to effectively use Activities, Campaigns and Marketing Lists, giving you the tools you need to associate targeted lists of prospects and track your campaign results. Course Catalog

D365 Customer Service Training

Once you’ve got customers, you need to keep them happy – and a functioning CRM solution can help with that. This is a one-hour course for beginners covering the basics of customer service in the Dynamics 365 ecosystem. It teaches attendees to use Contacts, Accounts, Activities, Cases and Queues. Course Catalog

Equipment Dealer Solution (EDS) for D365 Training

This two-hour course covers the basics of selling with Dynamics 365 for Sales using the Equipment Dealer Solution. Account, contact and equipment management are emphasized, and we also cover the importance of and processes around activity and opportunity management. Course Catalog

Custom Training

Need something custom designed to your specific needs? We're here for you. Our team of training experts can create materials to help your team learn just what they need. Learn More

Training Drives Successful CRM Outcomes

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What Our Clients Say:

Fullscope’s D365 University black belt training really helped us to advance our knowledge and learn all aspects of the software to provide the best end user experience.
Kathy Buchanan, CRM System Administrator AAA Cooper Transportation


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