CRM for Professional Services

Professional services firms are under growing pressure to respond to the changing wants and needs of their clients.

A recent benchmark review of professional services found that revenue growth fell from 10.2 percent to 9 percent from the previous year. This is the first time that this fell beneath 10 percent since the recessionary year of 2010.

With many firms seeing revenue down, bid-to-win ratios down, and employee attrition up, they are looking at adopting new technologies that can help with these as well as improving business processes and reducing costs.

The Top CRM Business Outcomes for Professional Services

At Fullscope, we help professional services firms deliver value with CRM with our unique business outcomes framework.

By focusing on the outcomes that will make the most difference to their business the fastest, we ensure they see ROI from their Dynamics 365 project in as little as 13 weeks.

Which business outcomes would make the most difference for your business?



Pushing Against the Current: How Professional Services Organisations Can Thrive in Times of Turmoil

Professional services are critical to the UK's economy, representing 1% of GDP and 14% of employment. However, a benchmark review in 2017 found revenue is down, bid-to-win ratios are down and employee attrition is up.

In order to thrive in challenging times, professional services firms need to adapt to the changing wants and needs of their clients, and overhaul both the customer and employee experience they deliver. Our whitepaper explores how.

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What Our Customers Say:

CRM is helping us to have the right conversations with our clients to generate leads. It means we are actually able to improve the service and add value to our clients. CRM has helped us to put in a much more robust client engagement process, which leads to much greater client satisfaction.

Mark Sykes
Partner Head, BDO Drive

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