CRM for Manufacturing

Manufacturers are under enormous pressure to shorten product cycles and improve operational efficiency.

However, without the right data to understand customer behaviour and make accurate predictions about demand, this can be an uphill battle.

The Top CRM Business Outcomes for Manufacturing

At Fullscope, we’ve carried out over 1,000 CRM implementations and we know that success isn’t about the technology you use or the money you spend.

For manufacturers to deliver value with Dynamics 365 CRM in weeks rather than months, the most important thing is to focus on the outcomes that’ll make the most difference to your business the fastest.

Which business outcomes would deliver the most value for your manufacturing firm?

Manufacturing IP that Offers Visibility from Sales to the Factory Floor

Forecasting demand is one of manufacturers’ toughest challenges. Based on hundreds of implementations Alithya has built CRM solutions for manufacturers that align sales pipeline with production, and streamlines the out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics 365 experience. Increase sales through better decision-making, forecasting accuracy and quota visibility.




Managing Digital Risk: A manufacturer’s survival guide to digital transformation and Industry 4.0

Our whitepaper looks at how manufacturers can manage digital risk - including strategies to cope with changing customer demands, make use of the Industrial Internet of Things, meet security and compliance requirements, and bridge the skills gap.

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What Our Customers Say:

CRM allows us to think in a different way. It has been fundamental. Any business that’s in that change phase needs to be able to justify its direction of travel. It needs to be able to ask: ‘Are we making progress, is it in the right direction or do we need to shift that direction?’ CRM is a way to do that.

Barry Andrew
Global Sales Director, Victrex

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Hear how manufacturers are driving business value and make faster more efficient business decisions.

By bringing siloed data together, you can create a single view of your customer, behavior and market movement and trends.


Why CRM? The Top 10 Business Outcomes in Manufacturing

Understanding how CRM delivers value for an organisation can be challenging to define, but it’s the most important first step we take with all our customers. Watch our webinar to find out more about the top ten business outcomes CRM delivers for manufacturers.


From Factory Gate to Marketplace

Our whitepaper looks at how manufacturers can use an ERP and CRM system together and embrace technology to increase their competitive advantage, reduce IT complexity and combine key business functions for transparency and consistent reporting.