Using Technology to Mitigate Risks in Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical manufacturing is about transforming materials from one form/state/type to another, and during the process, some of the base raw material characteristics are inherited by the semi-finished or finished goods. Having to retest for those characteristics independently on the finished goods imposes undue cost and effort burdens on quality and compliance departments. This white paper explores this topic in further detail. This white paper uses the word "potency," but some process industries may use the terms assay, concentration, or others. The underlying technology in these new features supports these potency-like types of requirements found across the chemical, food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Production in most chemical manufacturing organizations is either run in a batch mode or continuous mode. Setup and cleanup operations are quite expensive and laborious. For these reasons, very often most chemical manufacturers have a need to sequence the products they run on a given production line to achieve a controlled transition, reduced changeover loss and minimized setup costs. Download this report to understand how this is achieved with Dynamics 365 for Operations.

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